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Fellowship Inn at Pilkington Abbey

The Family in Ruins
Clyde Pilkington

Clyde Pilkington has written several books touching on the topic of the Biblical family structure but he has only just scratched the surface. In this video and the ones to follow, he will dive deeper into this matter. If you are struggling to maintain a Biblical family in today's world, hopefully this video series will help you.

Play Time: 20:42

Your Applause From God
Clyde Pilkington

The logical implication of a loving, all-knowing God Who is actually in control is that He can be happy with the outcome of the things He is responsible for. Clyde Pilkington addresses the idea of a happy God who is satisfied with the outcomes of His own plans.

Play Time: 11:44

Relax, Everything is Under Control
Clyde Pilkington

Are you worried? Are you afraid that you're not doing the right things? Does the mere thought of God make you just a bit panicky? Psalms 46:10 offers some information about God that most of the Christian world doesn't quite seem to understand - "relax, God is God." Knowing that God is God brings peace and relaxation to your life. If getting to know the God religion has been telling you about doesn't cause you to relax, they're not telling you about the God of the Scriptures.

Play Time: 9:30

Christ’s Successful Work
Clyde Pilkington

Christ - a success or a failure? What did he come to do and did he actually accomplish it? Well, he's the Son of God, isn't he!? Don't refuse to accept the truth that is the grace of God - if righteousness does not come from Christ's work then Christ died for nothing.

Play Time: 8:32

Do or Done
Clyde Pilkington

At Calvary, Jesus Christ said "it is finished". Can we trust him about this? Is there ANYTHING else that needs to be done now to REALLY finish it?

Play Time: 5:32

Fear is so Elementary
Clyde Pilkington

Much of the Christian life is about things you shouldn't do and what will happen if you don't do what you're told or believe what you're told to believe. One might come to the conclusion that, if they are to be a good Christian, consequences ought to be the focus of their entire life. Could it be that, as believers, we are meant to live under the law in fear or do we have some kind of freedom in Christ?

Play Time: 7:45

A Great Day is Coming
Clyde Pilkington

The Bible speaks of a day where every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Then it says "to the glory of God, the Father." This will truly be a great day!

Play Time: 5:57

Our Response to Blindness
Clyde Pilkington

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and they just can't seem to get it? Maybe they are just confused or maybe they think you're absolutely crazy. As believers, how should we respond to people who don't see things like we do?

Play Time: 9:25